Why Join A Sorority?

adapted from the National Panhellenic Council

A fraternity/sorority is a social experience based on the fundamental right of a free people to form voluntary associations. It is one of the enrichments of college life.

The young woman who wants sorority experience will find it possible to belong on most campuses today. Sorority membership is a social experience arrived at by mutual choice and selection. Sorority membership is by invitation.

Fraternities/Sororities exist because they:

  • Provide a good democratic social experience.
  • Give value beyond college years.
  • Create, through their ideals, an ever-widening circle of service beyond the membership.
  • Develop the individual’s potential through leadership opportunities and group effort.
  • Fill the need of belonging.

Fraternities/Sororities continue because young women feel a continuing need to belong. Parents appreciate sorority values and standards and cooperate to make membership possible. College administrations, recognizing the values of fraternities/sororities, continue to welcome them on their campuses and to invite them to establish new chapters.